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Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm dedicated to helping women like you develop a mindset of self-compassion so you can succeed in life and business.

Do you struggle with negative feelings of failure, isolation, or envy? 

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If you're feeling any of these, keep scrolling for a special one-time offer to transform your mindset. 

All women struggle with the negative feelings that come with building a business from the ground up. We've all watched others succeed as life throws up one obstacle after another which makes us feel like garbage.

Instead of the joy of creating and helping others, we are left with:

  • that internal voice whispering that you will never succeed because you aren't good enough ...
  • that exponential sense of loneliness as others move through life and courses and make money faster than you do ...
  • that sinking pit in your stomach that you are stuck due to all the overwhelming negative roadblocks that infest your brain ...

It's not like you want to feel this way all the time (or even part of the time). 

You've paid attention to all the wise gurus preaching patience, tried to put your blinders on and push ahead, even read all the books about the power of adversity. 

But nothing works ...

It's not your fault! Let me repeat that: it's not your fault!

From almost the first day of our lives, we are told over and over again that we're not good enough, that we'll never compare with Jill or Suzy or Wanda, that we can only be successful if we are driven and ambitious. 

We internalize these criticisms over and over again until our own worst critic is the voice that lives inside our brain, reminding us that we are failures.  

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But we can transform that voice from critical to kind through the power of self-compassion. What is self-compassion? 

  • Self-Kindness - showing kindness to yourself even in the most difficult of moments 
  • Common Humanity - recognizing that we're not alone in our struggles 
  • Mindfulness - accepting the positive and negative feelings as they come and then letting them go The ideas of self-compassion are simple, but the transformation is not. What it starts with instead ... is working to change that self-critical voice into a voice of self-kindness by implementing strategies into our mental processes and thoughts.

Introducing ... The Practicing Self-Compassion Daily Journal 

Practicing Self-Compassion Daily Mock-up

This printable journal with offers 7 bite-sized prompts for each day of the week to help you process your days with active self-compassion.

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What Else Should I Know:

Will this journal solve all my problems with self-criticism?

No, definitely not. It's intended to get you started quickly so you can begin to transform your mindset.

How do I access the files?  

The journal is available to download from Teachable at any time (*barring technical issues).

How long do I have access for?

With Teachable, you'll have lifetime access to any updates that I make to the journal.

Can I share these with other people?

This item is intended for personal use only. But I do have an affiliate program so if you appreciate the value and want to share it, reach out to to find out the affiliate signup process.

Practicing Self-Compassion Daily Mock-up with price

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